January PT sample shipments have been delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Not all samples affected. More details here.

General PT Reports

Below you will find reports from the previous 5 years for each test group. Reports prior to October 2015 are available on request by sending an email to Ken Middlebrook at kmiddlebrook@ptcanada.org.

The following reports are included in each .zip package:

GENERAL: to be used in conjunction with the custom PDF report emailed to each participant. It identifies the scoring system used and the overall performance summary for all participants.

SUMMARY BY ANALYTE: provides an overall summary of performance, by individual analyte, for all participants. These include:

  • Kernel density plots;
  • z-score plots;
  • Summary statistics by method; and
  • Z-score plots by method







Request more information

If you are interested in acquiring PT for your organization, send an email to communications@ptcanada.org