PTC has extended the deadline for reporting of results for the March PT round by an additional two weeks. Results are now due on May 1. Please note any hold-time limitations indicated in the individual instruction sheets when prioritizing analysis. Note that PTC employees are working from home and responding to all email commuications. Read more

What is Proficiency Testing?

It is a powerful quality assurance tool that enables laboratories to monitor their performance and compare their results against similar laboratories.

What makes PTC different?

Since 1991, Proficiency Testing Canada has been providing proficiency testing for laboratories to help monitor performance and compare results amongst peers.

We provide four samples per round of testing, twice a year. Our samples are not concentrated so they are ready for analysis. This reduces the chance of error and provides a more accurate test result.

Our reports are timely, accurate and contain all of the information you need to maintain accreditation and if required, take corrective action.

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